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A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California

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This weeks links:

The URJ's Campaign for Youth Engagement
Jewish Parents: how to Get Teens to Keep Engaged After 13, from Radical parenting
Preventing Post B'nai Mitzvah Dropout-itis, from Reform Judaism Online
Study Finds 'Man Crisis' in Liberal Jewish Circles
Keeping Our Kids on the Derech, an Orthodox perspective

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Hebrew Numbers
Numbers in Hebrew
Video Lesson: Hebrew 101 - Numbers & Days
The Confusion of Hebrew Numbers
Kabbalah: Meaning of Numbers
Symbolism of "Chai", 18

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This week's links:

Arab Spring spells uncertainty for Israel, from BBC
Israel's Arab Spring?, from The Huffington Post
Israel must not ignore the Arab Spring, from
Israeli Summer is no Arab Spring, from USA Today
What the Arab Spring Means for Israel and Palestine, from NPR
Has the Arab Spring arrived in Israel?, from Al Jazeera English

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This week's links:

The apocalypse in Judaism from Jewish Encyclopedia
Apocalypse Then, from Reform Judaism magazine
Revelation/Apocalypse vs. Torah Prophesies? Apocalyptic Literature in the Old Testament and Early Judaism, a bibliography Apocalypses and the Apocalypse, from Messianic Jewish Musings
Jewish End of Days, a blog dedicated to "a Jewish perspective on the end times and the coming of the Messiah" Judaism section of the Wikipedia listing for "End Time"
Mashiach: The Messiah listing from Judaism 101

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This week's links:

Relgious Action Center
RAC Facebook page
Temple Isaiah's Confirmation program

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This week's links:

Passover tunes (the source for this week's music)
Jewish music, including Sephardic tunes 
Passover songs and music
Music for Passover
Passover Music (from Holiday Spot)

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Your Jewish Neighborhood

This week's links:

American Cantors to Perform at Vatican, from The Jewish Week
Cantor Sally Neff's Vatican Audition (video)
20 Jewish cantors walk into a church -- it's no joke, from JTA
American Conference of Cantors

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This week's links:

How can I explain death to my Jewish grandchild? from "Ask the Reform Rabbi"
Life, Death and Mourning, from Judaism 101
A Time to Grieve, A Time to Teach, from The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
The Jewish Bereavement Project
How to Talk to Your Kids about Death, from the Jewish Journal
Jewish Beliefs on the Afterlife, from Religion Facts

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This week's links:

Decorate Your Sukkah, from Simply Manischewitz
Decorating the Sukkah, from
Easy and Inspiring Sukkah Decorations
Need some ideas for Skukkah Decorations?
Homemade Sukkah Decoration Crafts for Sukkot

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This week's links:

URJ Education Page
Commission on Reform Jewish Education
Partnership for Excellence in Reform Jewish Education
Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education
Temple Isaiah Education Site

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