Your Jewish Neighborhood
A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California

This week's links:

Gershon's Monster at
Books by Eric Kimmel
Eric Kimmel's website
Eric Kimmel on
Eric Kimmel Teacher Resource File
Rosh Hashanah for Children, from The Jewish Children's Learning Network
Rosh Hashanah Fun Pages on

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This week's link:

Temple Isaiah's Camp Kefli

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This week's links:


Rosh Hashanah from Judaism 101
Rosh Hashanah from Wikipedia
Rosh Hashanah from
How Rosh Hashanah Works (from How Stuff Works)
Rosh Hashanah recipes
More Rosh Hashanah recipes
Still more Rosh Hashanah recipes
Rosh Hashanah glossary
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This week's links:

The Database of Jewish Communities
The Old Synagogue of Dubrovnik, Coratia
The Jewish Community of Dubrovnik
Kahal Shalom Synagogue, Rhodes, Greece
Virtual Jewish History Tour of Greece
Synagogues without Jews: Rhodes
Great Synagogue of Rome (Wikipedia listing
The Jewish Community of Rome
Jewish Rome

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This week's links:

Temple Isaiah's Gan Ilan
Jewish Preschools as Gateways to Jewish Life (PDF file)
(A survey of Jewish preschool parents in three cities)
URJ Early Childhood Education page
Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education - Early Childhood Page
Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative

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