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This week's links:
The rules of Torah reading
Judaism 101's Torah listing
The Written Law, from the Jewish Virtual Library
Writing the Torah, from the "Jewish Literacy" site
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This week's links:

From My Jewish Learning, Eco-Kashrut: Environmental Standards for What and How We Eat
Eco-kashrut: A new way of eating Jewishly
Self-Sufficiency Sundays, progressive Judaism blog posts to inspire eco-kashrut behaviors
Eco-kashrut category from The Jew & The Carrot
Eco-Kashrut: You Are What You Eat, from Virtual Talmud
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This week's links: Klezmerica website
Download free music from Klezmerica
Klezmerica on MySpace
A review of Klezmerica
Klezmer listing from Wikipedia
The Mighty Kleztones, Temple Isaiah's youth klezmer band
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