Your Jewish Neighborhood
A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California
This week's links:

Jacqueline Jules' website
Amazon listing for "The Hardest Word" by Jacqueline Jules
Amazon listing for all books by Jacqueline Jules
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This week's links:

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
Wikipedia entry for Mizrahi Jews

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This week's links:

Zam'Ru: The Jewish Music Choral Database
Jewish Choral Music on the Internet
URJ: Training Opportunities for Synagogue Musicians
URJ: Synagogue Choirs as Instruments of Prayer

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This week's links

URJ synagogue listing
Listing of UK Reform communities
Wikipedia listing on Kol Nidre
Transliteration, translation, and more
Background on Max Bruch arrangement
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This week's links:

The month of Elul and Selichot, from Judaism 101
Rosh Chodesh Elul (Jewish calendar listing)
The Month for Repentence, from
The Month of Elul: Customs, from
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