Your Jewish Neighborhood
A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California
This week's links:

Prayer upon waking, from Wikipedia
Chesed explained, from
Various prayers for eating
A Book of Life, from
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This week's links: Kosher Dietary Laws from Judaism 101
The world's best known Kosher trademark
Kosher database, "the premier Kosher information source on the Internet
Kosher Cooking (recipes)
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This week's links:

Mi Sheberakh: May the One Who Blessed, from
Jewish Healing, "Your place for healing on the Internet," from JewishLink
Jewish Healing Prayer on YouTube from Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg Healing Prayers, Poems, and Meditations, Chapter IV from "The Mitzvah of Healing" by Hara Person
Download a free copy of MiShebeirach by Debbie Friedman (click the "healing work" link)
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