Your Jewish Neighborhood
A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California

This week's links:

Iranian Holocaust Conference ( coverage)
Jerusalem Post coverage of Israeli reaction to the conference
USC Shoah Foundation Institute 
Wikipedia listing for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 
Wikipedia listing for Holocaust denial 
ADL document on Holocaust denial

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This week's links:

Rabbis for Human Rights 
Rabbinic Conference on Judaism and Human Rights 
Conference Coverage from Washington Jewish Week 

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This week's links

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This week's links:

Find a JCC Camp
How Jewish is Summer Camp? from the New Jersey Jewish Standard
Jewish Summer Camps in America, from
Camps Newman and Swig (Local to Temple Isaiah)

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This week's links:

December Holiday Guidelines for Public Schools, from the Anti-Defamation League
The December Dilemma, from
Interfaith Families Face December Dilemma, from USA Today
Holidays' Convergence Adds to December Dilemma, from The New York Times
On Being a Jew at Christmas

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This Week's Link:

Women of Reform Judaism

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This week's links:

Jewish Webcasting
Temple Judea Podcast
Temple Judea Podcasts on Odeo

Women of Reform Judaism
Women Explore New Commentary (Baltimore

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This week's links:

Synagogue affiliation growing (a 2002 article)
Shul affiliation rising (United Jewish Communities article)
Building your synagogue community (from URJ)


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This week's links:

Simhat Bat, the synagogue naming ceremony for girls
Rituals for a Baby Daughter
Brit Milah, birth ceremonies
The New Jewish Baby Book by Anita Diamant (from

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A 100% all-music podcast!

Shira Tirdof (featuring Jeremy Gimbel and Brad Lennox -- a nationally acclaimed song leader, and an accomplished camp educator, respectively), meaning "song shall you pursue," showcase modern musical interpretations of age-old texts through their eclectic variety of musical offerings.

This music is from the Podsafe Music Network.

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This week's links:

Wikipedia listing on circumcision

Listing from Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion

Wikipedia listing for "mohel"

Questions to ask a mohel

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This week's links:

Wikipedia's listing for the term, "Avodah"
"Let's Go Israel," the annual East Bay Israel trip Temple Isaiah's Avodah program supports

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This week's links:

Creating a technology plan for your synagogue, a PDF document from the Center for Congregations

The PC in Your Synagogue, from the Union Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Temple Isaiah's website

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This week's links:

Jacqueline Jules' website
Amazon listing for "The Hardest Word" by Jacqueline Jules
Amazon listing for all books by Jacqueline Jules
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This week's links:

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
Wikipedia entry for Mizrahi Jews

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This week's links:

Zam'Ru: The Jewish Music Choral Database
Jewish Choral Music on the Internet
URJ: Training Opportunities for Synagogue Musicians
URJ: Synagogue Choirs as Instruments of Prayer

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This week's links

URJ synagogue listing
Listing of UK Reform communities
Wikipedia listing on Kol Nidre
Transliteration, translation, and more
Background on Max Bruch arrangement
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This week's links:

The month of Elul and Selichot, from Judaism 101
Rosh Chodesh Elul (Jewish calendar listing)
The Month for Repentence, from
The Month of Elul: Customs, from
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This week's links: entry on Jewish denominations
Wikipedia's entry on Jewish denominations
Judaism 101

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This week's links:

How to choose a synagogue, from My Jewish Learning
Choosing a synagogue is harder for intermarrieds, from J magazine
How is a synagogue operated? from old Usenet FAQs
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This week's links:

Rosie the Riveter Trust
Women in the Factories of World War II
Rosie the Riveter: Wikipedia entry
Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Park
Congregation Beth Ami, Santa Rosa, California

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This week's links:

Ways to support Israel
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Union for Reform Judaism
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This week's links:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome
US Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
About the Jewish Community Relations Council
Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and South Africa
Camp Newman and Camp Swig

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This week's links:

Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep," news about the safety of popular health and beauty brands

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

FDA article on cosmetic ingredients

Ten Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid, from the Organic Consumers Association

Women of Reform Judaism

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This week's links:

Wikipedia's listing for the mikvah
Mikvah Project
Ideas for a deeply spiritual conversion ritual
Reform conversion to Judaism

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This week's links:

The Center for Converstion to Judaism
Conversion to Judaism (from Chamash)
Becoming Jewish
Who is a Jew? (from Judaism 101)
How to Become a Jew (from the BBC)
Inviting Conversion (URJ's Biennial Initiative)

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This week's links:

National Havurah Committee
Wikipedia entry on chavurah

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This week's links:

An list of books for the Jewish bride

Wikipedia listing on the Jewish view of marriage

Where to get a chuppah, from the Berkeley Parents Network

Jewish Weddings, from All Things Jewish

On the breaking of the glass, by Adventure Rabbi

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This week's links: Wikipedia's listing on Havdalah

Havdalah and Shabbat candle-lighting times

Home Havdalah Service

Havdalah candle-making

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This week's links:

The Peace Encyclopedia on anti-semitism
The U.S. State Department Report on Anti-Semitism
Wikipedia's listing on Anti-Semitism

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This week's link:

Temple Isaiah's Seventh Grade Fund
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This week's links:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Sara Bloomfield
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This week's links:

Information on Susan Weidman Schneider
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This week's links:

Wikipedia listing for Shavuot
Shavuot on the Net
Shavuot at
Shavuot from the Jewish Virtual Library
About the Book of Ruth
Shavuot: The Book of Ruth
Savuot Recipes

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This week's links:

Judaism 101: Counting the Omer's Omer resource list
Wikipedia's Listing
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This week's links:

RL White Retreat Center

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Links for this show will be posted soon.
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This week's links:

Hotel Rwanda

Walnut Creek United Methodist Church

Dear Sudan, Love Marin

Bay Area Darfur Coalition

Dear Sudan Weblog

Congregation Rodef Shalom of Marin

A Million Voices for Darfur

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This week's links:

Contra Costa Midrasha

Let's Go Israel

Jewish Culture


Temple B'nai Shalom, Walnut Creek

Birthright trips to Israel


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This week's links:

The "faux" mitzvah:

Non-Jewish 13-year-olds celebrate faux bar mitzvahs, from

Something borrowed, something Hebrew, from the Orange County Register

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This week's links:

Genres and styles of Jewish music



Louis Lewandowski


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This week's link:

Wikipedia's b'nai mitzvah listing
This page includes links to a variety of b'nai mitzvah resources

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This week's links:

Raisel's Riddle, by Erica Silverman, a Paren't Choice Foundation selection

An interview with Erica Silverman

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This week's link:


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This week's links:

Purim on the Neet

Judaism 101: Purim

Purim, the Festival of Lots

Purim teaching units for educators

The Megillah scroll at the Library of Congress

Wikipedia listing for Purim

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YJN #28 - 2/16/06 - Rabbi Judy Shanks on becoming a rabbi

This week's links:

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

Sally J. Priesand, the first female Reform rabbi

Women's Rabbinic Network

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This week's links:

Camp Newman and Camp Swig

URJ Camps Directory

Temple Isaiah's Camp Kefli

Camp Tawonga

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This week's link:

Rabbis for Human Rights

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YJN #25 - 1/26/06 - Rabbi Roberto Graetz on Brit Tzedek v'Shalom

This week's link:

Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, Jewish Alliance for Justice & Peace

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This week's links:

The government of Israel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Background on Israeli independence

The Soviet Jewry Movement

Operation Exodus: The emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel

Wikipedia's entry for kibbutzim

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YJN #23 - 1/12/06 - Debbie Enelow explains the evolution of the Siddur based on the gender of G-d

This week's links

Siddur: The Wikipedia entry

The new Reform Siddur

Roots of the Siddur

Marcia Falk

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YJN #22 - 1/05/06 - An interview with Temple Isaiah President Maynard Lichterman This week's links:

Union of Reform Judaism

Temple Isaiah

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