Your Jewish Neighborhood
A podcast from Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California

This week's links:

Linda Hirschhorn and Vocolot

Beth Schafer

Neshama Carlebach

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YJN #20 - 12/22/05 - Michele Holtz on the role of Sisterhood This week's links:

Women of Reform Judaism

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This week's links:

The Chanukah Guest

Eric A. Kimmel

Temple Isaiah's library

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Happy Chanukah to everybody from Temple Isaiah of Lafayette, California.

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YJN #17 - 12/01/05 - Cantor Korn on Torah Cantillation Torah cantillation is the art of changing scripture. Cantor Korn explains its origins and provides examples.

This week's links:

The Art of Torah Cantillation (Book)

Toledot, Genesis Chapter 25, verse 19

Haftorah Malachi chapter 1

Tisha B'av

Book of Lamentations

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This week's links:

The Union for Reform Judaism

Women of Reform Judaism

National Association of Temple Administrators

National Federation of Temple Youth

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YJN #15 - 11/17/05 - Rabbi Graetz on Winter Nights

This week's links:

Contra Costa County Winter Nights Program

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This week's links:


Linda Hirschhorn

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Your comments are always welcome at Your Jewish Neighborhood. Post them here (just click on the "comments" link) or send email to
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YJN #12 - 10/27/05 - Rabbi Judy Shanks on Rosh Chodesh

Links from this episode:

Rosh Chodesh


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Links from this week's show:

Children's Book Project

Diablo Valley AIDS Center

Children's Hospital of Oakland

Contra Costa Food Bank

Reutlinger Center

Red Cross

Darfur genocide

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This week's show links:

Rabbi Shefa Gold

The Israelisms Podcast

The Story Spieler Podcast

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Links for this show:

Women of Reform Judaism

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This show's links:


Bubur-Rosenzweig Bible

Arthur Hertzberg

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Links from this show:

Abraham Heschel

Solomon Buber

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Links from this show:

Yiddish theater

George and Ira Gershwin

Irving Berlin

Rogers and Hammmerstein

Milk and Honey

Don Appel

Jerry Herman

Philip Roth

The 10 Commandments

Fiddler on the Roof

Joseph Stein

Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand

Molly Picon

the Falsettos

William Finn

Jason Robert Brown

Tony Kushner

Caroline or Change

Jeanine Tesori

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YJN #5 - 9/8/05 - Cantor Korn on what it means to be a Cantor

Links from this show:

Hebrew Union College


Shalom Aleichem

Debbie Friedman

Jeff Kleppler

Danny Nichols

Rick Recht

L'chu N'ram'na

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Links from this show:

Jewish Calendar

Psalm 27

Song of Songs

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YJN #3 - 8/25/05 - Rabbi Shanks on Jewish Book Groups Links from the show:

Flavius Josephus: Eyewitness to Rome's First Century Conquest of Judea, by Mireille Hadas-Lebel.

The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth

A Tale of Love and Darkness, by Amos Oz

Focus, by Arthur Miller

Constantine's Sword, by James Carroll

The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

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In today's podcast, Rabbi Roberto Graetz takes a look at ARZA, the Association of Reform Zionists of America. Links from this show: Our thanks to everybody -- nearly 40 of you! -- who listened to our first podcast. The statistics indicate most of you are downloading the show, and I wanted to let you know that you can also subscribe. You'll need a "podcatcher," software for subscribing to podcasts. I use iPodder. (It's free.) Once you have the software installed on your computer, click the "subscribe" link on this page and copy the URL of the "feed" into the new subscription field in iPodder. And that's it! Now, "Your Jewish Neighborhood" will come to you every Thursday.
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YJN #1 - 8/11/05 - Rabbi Graetz on Reform weddings in Israel Welcome to our very first podcast! Your Jewish Neighborhood is a weekly podcast featuring clergy and other leaders from Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California, discussing issues and topics of general interest to the affiliated and unaffiliated Jews everywhere. If you have comments, please send them to us at

In our first podcast, Temple Isaiah Rabbi Roberto Graetz talks about Reform weddings in Israel.

Links from this show:

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