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This week's links:

What does Judaism say about bullying? from Moment magazine
Bullying is Antithetical to Judaism from JewishWeek
Behind Bullying, from Reform Judaism
Bullies Among Us, from Jewish Journal
Help Stop Bulling, a Jewish Federation initiative focused on LGBT bullying
There's No Place for Bullying in God's World, from Jewish Exponent

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This week's links:

Wikipedia listing for the Maccabees
Behaving like Maccabees, Beliefnet article in acting more like Maccabees than ancient Greeks
Hanukkah Lessons for Today, from Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center
Maccabees re-establish independence in the land of Israel, from Jewish Agency for Israel
Christmas-izing of Chanukah, from Jewish Journal

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This week's links:

By Fire, By Water, by Mitchell James Kaplan, at
Video promo for By Fire, By Water
Angels in Judaism, an overview by Judy Silver
Index of Wikipedia listings for Angels in Judaism
Angels in Jewish Tradition, by Rabbi David Wolpe, on BeliefNet

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Your Jewish Neighborhood

This week's links:

A Definition of Zionism from the Jewish Virtual Library
Zionism on the Web
A definition and history of Zionism from
Jews Against Zionism, an alternative point of view
Theodor Herzl, founder of political Zionism, from Wikipedia

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This week's links:

Decorate Your Sukkah, from Simply Manischewitz
Decorating the Sukkah, from
Easy and Inspiring Sukkah Decorations
Need some ideas for Skukkah Decorations?
Homemade Sukkah Decoration Crafts for Sukkot

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This week's links:

Temple Isaiah's music programs for kids and teens
Places to study Jewish music
Milken Archive of Jewish Music Jewis
h Music that Doesn't Kid Around
, article from The Jewish Week
Wikipedia listing for cantillation

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This week's links:

Divorce, from the Jewish Virtual Library
The Jewish Divorce
Getting a Get, from Ask the Rabbi
Jewish Divorce Law from
How to Get a Jewish Divorce from eHow

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This week's links:

Wikipedia listing for Tu B'Av
A Day of Love from My Jewish Learning
Jewish Valentine's Day
Tu B'Av Still Eludes Definition, 1997 article from J Weekly
The Great Tu B'Av Project

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This week's links:

Kosher Prague
Wikipedia Listing for The Old-New Synagogue in Prague
The Spanish Synagogue in Prague Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery
Prague Jewish Museum
Tour Guide Lenka Martinkova's Website

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This week's links:

Tour guide Lenka Martinkova's website
Virtual Jewish History tour of Prague
Jewish Magazine article, Prague and the Jews
Contemporary Jewish Culture in Prague
Judaism listing in the Portal of Prague

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